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Self-Build mortgages are for those wanting to construct a property on their own terms, using their own designs, materials and construction methods.

At Saffron Mortgage Finders, our advisers will guide you through every step of the process, and will support you in finding you the best Self-Build mortgage for your project. We work with those who truly understand the process behind Self-Build projects and the type of funding needed, so that you can begin your dream project.

Due to the unique nature of Self-Build projects, you may find that a standard Self-Build mortgage does not meet all of your needs. We work with a variety of Self-Build specialists to find the right fit for your project. We have defined some of the types of Self-Build mortgages below: 

Standard Self-Build
A standard Self-Build mortgage is ideal for projects where the borrower wishes to build a property tailored to their specific requirements, and is often their “dream” property for them to build from the ground up. Self-Builders may hire project managers and contractors for their project, or go it alone and carry out the build on a DIY basis. Whichever of these routes you choose; our team will support you at each stage of the build, and will ensure that you find an appropriate lender who will consider your proposal.

Custom Build
Custom build homes are self-built homes that are facilitated by a professional developer. They offer the chance to have a unique property that suits an individual’s lifestyle and preferences but minus the high degree of involvement associated with traditional self-builds. Custom building can describe a single one-off home commissioned by an individual and built by a developer, or a group of homes built by a developer but offering the future occupants the chance to tailor the design. Whether you are a new or experienced custom builder, our team will support you at every step of the process.

Rather than building a new property from scratch, you may want to carry out large-scale home improvements on your current home. Whether you want to improve your home instead of moving, or add value to your property before moving on to bigger projects, you may want to consider a bespoke refurbishment mortgage to help fund your work. We will take the time to understand your vision, and match you with a lender who will help you see it through to completion.

Sometimes renovating an existing property requires a specialist mortgage to fund the repairs. Our team will work with you to find the right lender for your specialist circumstances to keep your project on track. 

Do you see something special in an old barn, church or industrial building? Using a specialist Conversion mortgage to fund your project can allow you to breathe new life into an older property. We will provide you with the support and advice to find a specially tailored mortgage to realise your creative ideas.

When are Funds Released with a Self-Build Mortgage?

The release of funds for Self-Build mortgages can occur at different stages in the construction process depending on the requirements of your lender. We will discuss these with you in detail, but to provide an idea of how stage payments can work, we have provided the below examples:

For typical Self Build Projects:

  1. Land obtained and planning permission outlined
  2. Substructure built
  3. Project is wind and watertight including roof tiles
  4. Initial/first fix
  5. Secondary fix
  6. Certified completion of property

For typical Custom Build projects: 

  1. Land is obtained/purchased
  2. Initial costs outlined and substructures completed 
  3. Construction to wind and watertight stage completed 
  4. Initial/first fix
  5. Secondary fix
  6. Certified completion of property

For renovation or conversion projects:

  1. Purchase of existing property/structure 
  2. Structural survey carried out and estimate of necessary works and associated costs outlined
  3. Load bearing elements to structure integrated or repaired to point of completion 
  4. Initial/first fix
  5. Secondary fix
  6. Certified completion of property

What Supporting Documents will I need for my Self Build application?

While some documentation required for a Self-Build mortgage will be similar to a standard mortgage, additional documentation will often be required. This can include:

  • Copy of planning permission
  • Copy of construction drawings and specifications
  • Copy of total project cost estimate
  • Copy of Building Regulations approval
  • Copy of site insurance and structural warranty

At Saffron Mortgage Finders our clients are at the heart of everything we do.At Saffron Mortgage Finders our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

We bring with us many years experience, helping our clients navigate the options available to them through clear information and guidance for their mortgage and protection needs. With access to products from over 50 of the UK's best known lenders & providers, we can ensure we find the right outcome for you. With reduced fees for Saffron Building Society Members.

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